Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Kathleen

The name Kathleen is a Gaelic name, meaning “handsome.” It was originally given to women born on St. Catherine’s Day, November 25th. The name Kathleen is believed to originate from the Latin word catus, which means “alongside” or “beside”. In fact, when you see the word “cathedral” written in Latin, it literally means “with a church beside it.” Because St. Katharine’s Abbey was located next door to Westminster Abbey in London, many of its residents were called by this moniker (some even shortened it down as Kate). The popularity of both spellings proved that this name remained popular throughout history—and still is today!

Irish Origin

The name Kathleen is of Irish origin. In Ireland, it was a way to translate the Greek name ‘Catherine.’ The meaning of the name derives from the Greek word ‘katharos,’ which means “pure.” In addition to being a popular Irish girls’ name, it’s also a feminine form of the name Cathal and can be used as a feminine form of the more popular masculine Irish surname O’Cahan (O’Kane).

The earliest known English spelling of this name was Katharine.

Meaning of Kathleen

  • The name Kathleen is of Irish origin, and the meaning of the name Kathleen is “pure”.
  • It is a popular girl’s name in Ireland and the United States.
  • In Scotland, it has been popular since the 1970s.

Characteristics of Kathleen

  • Kathleen is a kind, caring and loving person. She always thinks of others before she thinks of herself.
  • Kathleen is very selfless. She puts other people ahead of her and will do anything to help them, even if it means hurting herself in the process.
  • Kathleen is a good listener. She makes sure you know that you are important to her by making eye contact when she hears you talk, nodding her head while listening as well as asking questions about what you said to make sure she understands it correctly before moving on with the conversation or discussion at hand.
  • Kathleen is a loyal friend who will stand up for those close with her no matter who else disagrees with their choices in life or decisions made along their journey through life so far (even if those close have gone astray). This includes standing up against family members when necessary because sometimes family isn’t always right!
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Kathleen Numerology

The name Kathleen has a Numerological number of 2. The numerological meaning of this number is “the power to create,” and it also indicates that two people share energy, insight and vision for the future. People with a name that ends in 2 are not only friendly but also have a great sense of humor. They can be very creative when dealing with problems or challenges that arise; they usually find solutions before they escalate into conflicts.

The positive characteristics of people whose names end in 2 are their ability to balance out what they need against what others need at any given time; however, they may sometimes take on too much responsibility and become overworked because they don’t know how to say no when someone asks them for help. People who have names ending in 2 should seek advice from friends or family members who understand them well enough before making important decisions related to money management issues such as buying real estate properties or investing large sums of money into risky ventures like stocks trading stock market trading strategies.

Facts about Name Kathleen

Kathleen is a feminine given name. It is a female name and it means “pure”.

Kathleen means “pure” in Irish and Gaelic languages, as well as the English language. The original form of Kathleen was Cateline or Cathlin, which later evolved into Kateline and Katelyn, before becoming Kathleen. This name has been used quite often throughout history, particularly during the early 20th century when it received widespread popularity due to its use by multiple famous people such as actress Katharine Hepburn and singer Hilda Singleton (known professionally as Billie Holiday).

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Popularity of the name Kathleen

Kathleen is a popular name in Ireland, Scotland and the U.S., but has also been a top 20 name in Australia since at least 2013. The meaning of Kathleen can vary depending on which language you look at it as; for example, in Gaelic it means “pure”. It was also thought to be a variation on the name Catherine (which means “pure”), but that has since been disproved because they are very different words with different meanings in each language—although Kathleen may have come from that root word somehow!

In English speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand it’s spelled Kathy or Katy which is just short for Kathleen/Kathryn(a).

Learn about the name Kathleen and what the spiritual meaning is

Kathleen is a name that means “pure.” It’s pronounced “cah-leh-tin,” and comes from the Gaelic word cailte, which means “hero.” It’s also related to the Gaelic word cathair, which means “city” or “fortress.”

The spiritual meaning of Kathleen is holiness, purity of heart and mind.


In conclusion, the name Kathleen has a lot of potential. It’s a very feminine name, but it also has some masculine characteristics. It’s also very popular in Ireland and Scotland where it originated from. If you are looking for an Irish name then this could be one of your best options because it’s got such rich history!

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